Day 3 – Cruising Division

Sailwave results for FBYC Spring Regatta 2020 – Cruising Division at False Bay Yacht Club 2020

FBYC Spring Regatta 2020 – Cruising Division

False Bay Yacht Club

Results are provisional as of 9:54 on September 28, 2020


Start: Start 1, Finishes: Place, Time: 10:35:00

OlleannaSA 4650Jeremy Bagshaw0.842210:35:0013:55:513:20:512:49:090:00:000.8421.0
SerendipitySA 4525Geof Genericks0.955410:35:0013:42:433:07:432:59:210:10:400.9012.0
Sir HenrySA 3914Mark Obree0.986110:35:0013:39:303:04:303:01:560:12:580.9173.0
SalamanderSA 202Peter Isted0.901410:35:0013:57:333:22:333:02:350:14:530.8354.0
StellaSA 4353Andrew Edwards1.085310:35:0013:37:523:02:523:18:280:27:000.9255.0
EishSA 3933Gary Moss0.960410:35:0014:16:233:41:233:32:370:45:150.7646.0
SnowgooseSA 219Tony Bullock0.825310:35:00 RET   10.0
Big BoatSA 992Oliver Feuillette1.1000  DNC   10.0
CompromiseSA 3994Rob Newman0.901610:35:00 RET   10.0

Scoring codes used

DNCDid not come to the starting area10

Sailwave Scoring Software 2.28.1