Online Entry Form

To be completed and submitted to the Race Secretary by not later than 17h00 on Friday 14th September 2018.

The Entry Fee is R240 per person on board.
A 50% discount will apply for entries received and paid before the closing time for entries i.e. 17h00 on Friday 14th September 2018.

All Entry and other Fees shall be paid prior to the close of Late Registration i.e. 18h00 on Friday 21st September 2018.

Entry Fees due if paid BEFORE registration deadline: R

The entry fee is payable to False Bay Yacht Club and paid directly into False Bay Yacht Club’s Bank account and a copy of the deposit slip / proof of payment be faxed / e-mailed to:

The Race Secretary,

False Bay Yacht Club,
PO Box 45, Simon’s Town, 7995

Tel.: (021) 786 1703 Fax: (021) 786 3925

Bank Details: ,

Account name: False Bay Yacht Club

Standard Bank: Fish Hoek

Branch Code: 036009

Account number: 072066547

Reference: SR2018-[SAIL NO]-[BOAT NAME]


I have read and agree to be bound by the Notice of Race of the FBYC Spring Regatta 2018.

I understand and acknowledge that the Boat will sail entirely at its own risk, that the onus on whether to start a race and continue racing lies entirely with the skipper and that none of the organisations or persons concerned in the running of this race accept liability for damage, injury or death, material or personal, incurred during the race or at any other time, however arising. I agree to be bound by the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing and by all other rules that govern this event.

By clicking “SUBMIT” I hereby agree to the above terms and conditions.